Club Photos

Snowy departure from Quartermaster Harbor. Cobweb 2009.

Cobweb 2010 - Longbranch Marina

Genoa Bay, BC - Summer Cruise 2009

Harold and his spoon.

Jarrell's Cove SP - Summer Cruise 2008

Current Club Pictures



Labor Day Cruise                                   Bremerton Marina

Summer Cruise                                      South Puget Sound

Carver Rendezvous                                Port Orchard Marina

Summer Solstice Cruise                         Bell Harbor Marina, Seattle

Harvey Childs                                          Remembering Harvey

Memorial Day Cruise                              Swantown Marina, Olympia

Opening Day(s) of Boating                  Seattle YC and Des Moines YC

Daffodil Marine Festival                         Tacoma Yacht Club

Spring Cruise to Gig Harbor                  Arabella’s Marina, Gig Harbor  

Land Cruise                                              Seattle Boat Show

Holiday Party                                            Landmark Event Center

Officer’s Reception                                  Totem Yacht Club



Looking for pictures from years past?  Visit the Photo Archive page.


Dinghy Kids

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