Daffodil 2013

The 2013 Tacoma Yacht Club Daffodil Festival got off to a soggy start this year, but the wet and blusterly weather wasn’t enough to keep Carver Cruisers away. Ten couples, including our newest members, participated in one or more of the many weekend activities. Six Carver boats attended - Only Time, Sea Kitty Too, September, C & C, Rumours and Glass Toy. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Tacoma Yacht Club Daffodil Welcoming Committee.


Colleen decorating the bow rail of C & C in the rain!


Decorating committee - Audrey and Chris.


C & C decorated in Daffodils.


“Lucy” sitting on three eggs.


Crew of Sea Kitty Too and September helping Glass Toy tie up.


September’s Captain - Harold Isaacson.


Dave Hanson (Sea Kitty Too), Arlene & Bob Swarm (Only Time), Ed Nash (Sundancer 290) and Chris Kemp (C & C).


Arlene Swarm, Audrey Isaacson (September), Commodore Colleen Kemp (C & C) and Marilyn Rigley (Sundancer 290) aboard Rumours.


Gabby (Rumours)


Ed Howell and Kari Taylor (Glass Toy).


Harold Isaacson and Frank Zellerhoff (Rumours).


Kari, Audrey, Colleen, Marilyn talking to Arlene who is sitting on the stairs to the bridge.


Cindy Hanson (Sea Kitty Too) and Nancy Zellerhoff (Rumours).


Cindy, Harold and Audrey


On stage waiting to be hypnotized.


“Shoe Puppy”  YouTube video


Playing the drums... YouTube Video


... and cymbals  YouTube Video


 Eleven fingers and three eyes...


Trivia Quiz bribery items.


The Carver Trivia team preparing to parade into the TYC Clubhouse.


The Parade of Tokens begins.


Colleen leading the Carver team.


Carvers entering the clubhouse.


The Carver Brain Trust


The Tokens make last minute preparations.


The Trivia Judges arrive.


Bribing the judges is a serious matter - gotta make sure each one gets an equal share.


Spinning the electronic trivia wheel.


We ended up in the middle. Only got one question right, but got extra points for our bribes and enthusiam.


 The judges table loaded with bribery items.


New members Neal and Theresa Lawson. Owners of Knotty Gull a Carver 390.


Chris & Colleen, Ed & Kari, Ed’s friend Greg & Wife, Theresa & Neal.


Magic of Music ice sculpture.


Bob and Arlene checking their raffle tickets.


Ed, Nancy, Audrey & Harold watching the Raffle prizes being awarded.


Ed Howell and Nancy Zellerhoff


Marilyn Rigley and Ed Nash.


Kari Taylor & Ed Howell


Pam Clark & Steve Carey


Colleen dressed for the Flag Ceremony.


The Commodores lined up and ready.


Arriving at the Flag grounds.


Tacoma Yacht Club Past Commodores look on as this year’s Commodores arrive for the flag ceremony.


The Sea Cadets ‘dip’ each Club’s Burgee as the Commodore salutes.


Commodore Colleen leaving the Flag grounds.


Decorated boats.


Tacoma Yacht Club


C & C passing the TYC Reviewing Stand.


Three boats joining the parade.


Arlene and Bob Swarm enjoying the parade aboard C & C


Harold and Audrey Isaacson also enjoying the parade.


The Daffodil Princesses


The Thea Foss Waterway.


Another pretty boat in the parade.

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