Gig Harbor - Spring Cruise

The first cruise of the spring brought eight boats to Arabella’s Marina in Gig Harbor (Anchor Babe, EBB N IVE II, WABBITT, C & C, Afterburner, Only Time, Sea Kitty Too and Mega Wachts with a ninth boat (Glass Toy) a few marina’s further into the harbor. It was a typical early spring weekend on Puget Sound - Wet, windy and cool - yet still fun to be out on the water. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Bob & Kathy Franklin and Afterburner arriving in the rain.


Only Time with Bob & Arlene Swarm arriving in the wind.


Arlene ready to pass a line ashore.


Bob Swarm (Only Time), Denise Whitaker (Anchor Babe), Mary Serbousek (WABBITT), Buddy (Anchor Babe) and Dave Hanson (Sea Kitty Too).


Mary, Ed Howell (Glasss Toy) and Denise start happy hour on the dock.


An eagle passing over the marina.


An urban water feature.


Denise, Mary, Kari Taylor (hidden behind Mary’s Margarita) and Ed Howell at El Pueblito’s in Gig Harbor.


Terron Lindholme (Anchor Babe) with a “chip” on his shoulder.


Colleen Kemp (C & C) preparing part of the breakfast.


The dining hall.


Ed & Kari and Amy & Courtney enjoy breakfast.


Bob, Cindy & Dave, Steve & Pam and Ed & Kari.


Afterburner, Only Time, C & C, Sea Kitty Too and Mega Wachts along the visitor dock with Anchor Babe partially visible behind AfterburnerWABBITT and EBB N IVE II are hidden from view.


Bob & Kathy’s granddaugther Elliott guides an RC boat back to the dock.


Fun little boats!


These little boats had some ZIP to them!


Italian Dinner from Spiro’s Pizza and Pasta.


Harold & Audrey and Bob & Kathy Franklin and Elliott.


Bob sneaking a piece of pizza while Arlene’s not looking.


Buddy waiting patiently.


Harold performing one of his famous magic tricks.


Colleen and Courtney explaining how to play the nautical game “Who’s the Skipper”.


Confering on an answer for the womens team - Kari, Denise, Arlene, Cindy, Mary, Amy and Kathy.


Amy getting WABBITT ready to depart.


Mary ready to go.


Amy and Mary underway.


Courtney riding home with Dad on EBB N IVE II.


Terron ready to get underway.


Steve, Denise and Bob watching Anchor Babe back out of her slip.


Anchor Babe underway with Terron at the helm and Buddy tending lines on the stern.


WABBITT leading EBB N IVE II and Anchor Babe out of Gig Harbor.


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