Holiday Party 2012

This year the Commodore’s Holiday party was held at the Landmark Event Center in Des Moines WA. Originally built by the Freemason’s of Washington State as a retirement home for their members, it is now rented out to the public for special events.  Here are pictures of our special Holiday event.

The Landmark Event Center in the sunshine.


While on windy and rainy December day Vashon Island can barely be seen.


Ready for a party!


Chris, Jennifer, Jodi and Colleen Kemp


Nancy and Frank Zellerhoff

Bob and Kathy Franklin



John and Linda Dawson

Ed Howell and Kari Taylor



Dave Hanson and Arlene Swarm

Audrey and Harold Isaacson



Kathleen and Joe Yencich

Terron Lindholme and Denise Whitaker



Eric, Allison, Ian and Ryan Elgar


Arlene Swarm and Linda Dawson admiring Bob Franklin’s holiday tie.


Ryan and Ian deeply engrossed in a movie.


Colleen welcoming everyone to the party.


Everyone’s ready for ham dinner.


Colleen handing out numbers to start the gift exchange.


Linda Dawson makes the first gift selection.


Dave’s turn to steal or pick new.


Kari displays items from her Shellfish Fishing Kit in case Dave is interested.


But Dave goes for one under the tree.


Happy Holidays!


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