Labor Day 2013

The Carver Cruiser’s Labor Day Cruise this year was to the Bremerton Marina and coincided with the area’s annual Blackberry Festival. Eight boats were in attendance (Rumours, Silver Flight, Kekoa, C & C, An Da Lis II, Anchor Babe, EBB N IVE II, and Mon Ciel) and were joined by six additional couples over the three day weekend. Crab races, a crossword puzzle contest, the Blackberry Festival food booths and a dinghy ride to The Boat House in Manette for dinner were highlights of the weekend. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.


EBB N IVE II entering Bremerton Marina under the bow of the USS Turner Joy.


Maggie Stevens shares a laugh with Linda Dawson (Silver Flight) as John watches Anchor Babe arrive.


Vendors setting up for the Blackberry Festival.


Socializing on the dock Friday night.


Sunny Saturday morning.


Bremerton Marina can be a tricky marina to manouver in, especially when the current is running strong.


Saturday brunch on the dock was provided by the Anchor Babe and EBB N IVE crew.


Bob Stevens prepares one of the mimosa ingredients.


Toasting to the sunny summer day!


John, Bob and Linda touring the marina.


Mini Air Show


Loop de loop


Bill & Margaret Schlemmer on the foot ferry to Pt Orchard.


Colleen rings the bell and solves one of the Crossword Puzzle answers.


The Blackberry Festival is a popular Labor Day weekend event.


Local divers brought sea creatures up for everyone one to see.


Guys hanging out on Silver Flight.


Who would eat a doughnut burger?


Bernie would!


Amy explaining the Crab Race rules.


The Crabs.


Jamie Lynn (Mon Ciel) vs Pam (Mega Wacht) off to a slow start.


Mary (Wabbitt) vs Colleen (C & C). Another of the many heats where the crabs were reluctant to leave the inner circle.


The eventual winners - 3rd Place - Frank Zellerhoff (Rumours), 2nd Place - Kailan (EBB N IVE II) and 1st Place - Bill Schlemmer.


Terron going out to check pots for some bigger crabs.


He came back with these two.


The Kekoa crew - Kathleen & Joe Yencich on their way to dinner via dinghy.


Crossing over to The Boat House restaurant.


Bernie & Amy, Terron & Denise and Steve Carey raft-up at the crowded dock.


Celebrating the fun, sun-filled weekend.


Starting the trek back. Frank & Nancy watch as Linda carefully climbs into the Silver Flight dinghy while Mary waits her turn.


John ferries his boatload of women back to the marina.


The weekend comes to an end - Dave & Betty Porter (An Da Lis II) departing.


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