Membership is fun!

Membership in Carver Cruisers Yacht Club (CCYC) is open to all Carver, Carver California, and Carver Trojan boat owners in the Pacific Northwest. We have members from Bellingham to Olympia and all points in between.

Richard and Mary Johnson show off their new Carver Cruisers Burgee after it was presented to them.

We currently have over thirty members in one of three membership types:

  • Active Member
  • Social Member
  • Honorary Member
  • Anyone who owns a Carver boat may apply for full Active Membership.

    An Active Member is any current or former Carver Boat owner who remains in good standing with CCYC and currently owns a boat.

    A Social Member is any former Active Member of Carver Cruisers Yacht Club who no longer owns a boat, but would like to maintain membership to participate in the social activities of the Carver Cruisers Yacht Club.

    An Honorary Member is one who, under special circumstances,  has been bestowed special status by approval of the active members after receiving a recommendation from the Board of Trustees. Honorary members must have been a previous active members of CCYC.

    Any previous CCYC member may rejoin as an active member if they own a boat, or as an Social Member if they donít own a boat.

    New Membership is $100.00 and includes the first years dues, the club Burgee and a club directory. Our year runs from October 1 through September 30.

    Annual renewal is $100.00 for Active and Social memberships.

    To request membership, print out and complete the membership form and mail to the club secretary at PO Box 804, Tracyton WA, 98393.

       For further information, please contact us via E-mail


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