Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day weekend was a wet and windy four days at Swantown Marina in Olympia. Seven boats made the trip to the Capital City - Only Time, Sea Kitty Too, September, Afterburner, Rumours, Glass Toy and C & C - a few others came by car. Members enjoyed a joint pancake breakfast with Quartermaster Yacht Club, Vegetable Car Races, dinner overlooking the water at the Hearthfire Grill and a Memorial Day wreath ceremony. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

One of two new Carver Cruiser banners.


Harold Isaacson (September) getting clarifaction on the meaning of “No Wake” from the local Harbor Patrol.


Audrey & Harold (September), Chris Kemp (C & C), and Bob & Kathy Franklin (Afterburner) enjoy Harolds popcorn during happy hour.


Arlene Swarm (Only Time), Colleen Kemp (C & C), Kari Taylor (Glass Toy) and Kathy Franklin (Afterburner) in the foreground, with Julie and Nancy Zellerhoff (Rumours) in the background.


Harold and Bob enjoy dinner.


Breakfast on the dock.


Isaacsons and Kemps at the Olympia Farmers Market


Bob & Arlene at the Market looking for vegetables.


Colleen and Arlene pose with a couple of locals.


Building mural at Percival Landing.


Percival Landing, Olympia


The Swantown Boat Launch at Low Tide.... -3.6!


Sea Kitty Too, Glass Toy and September


C & C and Only Time


Kathy & Bob Franklin (Afterburner)


Colleen welcoming everyone to Olympia.


Carver Cruisers on the dock.


Dave Hanson (Sea Kitty Too) and Bob Swarm (Only Time) take advantage of a break in the rain.


Tanner, Nathan & Chris in the C & C dinghy.


Vegetable Car entrants


First up - Bob vs Nathan


A couple of Bob’s wheels made it across, but Nathan’s Sweet Potato was the clear winner.


Next Up Pear vs Cucumber


At the starting line.


The Pear Car is the winner!


The Rumours Cucumber vs the Afterburner Zucchini


Running neck and neck.


The Sea Kitty Sweet Potato vs the Only Time Grapefruit.


Sea Kitty’s Sweet Potato is the winner.


The winners...Julie & Jessica (Rumours), Emma (C & C), Nathan (C & C), Bob (Only Time), Dave (Sea Kitty Too), Jeremiah (Glass Toy).


Steve Carey (Mega Wachts) brought out a couple of R/C boats to play with.


Carver Cruisers at the Hearthfire Grill.


One half...


The other half...


Quentin and Courtney demonstrate that they’ve mastered Harold’s technique. See Memorial Day 2004 in Photo Archive for Harold’s original public display.


Co-Cruise Lieutenants Arlene & Bob Swarm and Colleen & Chris Kemp in the rain.


Bernie Dyers giving the Memorial Day speech before placing the wreath into the water.


Bernie has everyone’s attention.


Bernie and Courtney place the wreath in the water.


Saluting those that have given their life for our freedom.


Quartermaster Harbor YC Commodore Dennis Williams plays Taps.


September departing.


Afterburner underway.


Only Time heading home in the rain.

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