Summer Cruise 2013

Eight boats attended all or part of the Summer Cruise to South Puget Sound - C & C, Kekoa, Rumours, Final Destiny, Sea Kitty Too, September, Glass Toy and Mega Wacht.  With stops at Longbranch, Fair Harbor and Dock Street the cruise was relaxing and economical. A planned stop at Jarrell Cove on Harstine Island was by passed when it turned out to be surprisingly popular for a Monday. The only rain came just as we were leaving by dinghy for our dinner reservation in Allyn, and of course didn’t stop until after we returned. The week ended at the Dock Street Marina with sunny weather and many urban activities. Here are a few pictures of the week.



Dinner at Longbranch. Gary Yencich, brother of Joe, Ed Nash, Kathleen Yencich (Kekoa), Marilyn Rigley, Frank & Nancy Zellerhoff (Rumours).


Joe Yencich’s birthday.


Brothers - Joe and Gary.


Cresent moon setting over Longbranch.


A Teepee on Case Inlet.


Kekoa rounding McDouggal Pt and entering Pickering Passage on the northern end of Harstine Island.


Rumours and Kekoa departing Jarrell Cove.


Stretch Island beach compound.


Fair Harbor Marina below Mt. Olympus.


Kathleen is ready for the next breakfast sandwhich.


One amazing toaster! Cooks eggs and ham and toasts the muffins all at the same time.


Three young otters enjoying someone’s swimstep.


Frank and Baron out burning solar energy.


Loki - One of three canines traveling on Kekoa.


Summer evening at Fair Harbor. Marilyn & Ed, Chris, Kathleen and Gary.


Gary, Joe, Frank & Nancy.


Dessert time on Rumours.


Chocolate Pie, Berry Crisp, Ice Cream and Cookies!




Fair Harbor Fuel Dock and Store.


Final Destiny arriving.


The Kekoa crew making their way to the Port dock in Allyn.


Welcome to Allyn!


Lennard K’s for Dinner.  Frank & Nancy, Colleen McIntyre, Gary, Joe & Kathleen Yencich, Colleen Kemp, Johin McIntyre and Linda Farris on one end...


Linda & Rick, Marilyn & Ed, Frank & Nancy and Colleen on the other.


Ready for a wet trip back to the marina as it starts to rain harder the closer we get to the dinghy’s.


Kathleen, Colleen & John heading back to Fair Harbor.


Gary and Joe - half way there.


Under cover.


Making S’mores over the electric BBQ.


Colleen toasting her marshmellow.


The final product.


Ed and Marilyn bringing in the crab pots.


Colleen made waffles!!


Tequilia would like to come in and try some of the waffle breakfast.


Ed & Marilyn.


Colleen & John.


Frank & Nancy.


Smooth water on Case Inlet.


The 1909 MV Lotus passing by Mt. Rainier in the Tacoma Narrows.


Para-sailing on Commencement Bay.


Entering the Foss Waterway.


Dave Hanson (Sea Kitty Too) touring the waterway.


Dinner on the dock at Dock Street Marina.


Mega Wacht arriving.


Glass display on the Glass Bridge.


Colorful bicycle.


Native American activity at the Washington History Museum.


Bob & Arlene Swarm join us for dinner and talk about their trip to Desolation Sound.


C & C, Final Destiny, Glass Toy, Mega Wacht, Sea Kitty Too, September and Kekoa.


Dinner at the Social Bar & Grill.


September heading home.


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